Working with St Mary’s School

Recently St. Mary’s School Council wrote to us asking if we could help them to do a beach clean. They knew that we are a ‘Plastic Free School’ and we work hard at looking after the environment so felt we could help them do the same. They also wanted to share with us the outdoor learning work that they are doing. On Monday Mrs Pamplin, Miss Rundle and Mrs Kerslake took the school council to the forest school that is based at St Mary’s School in Truro. It was a great experience getting the children together and whilst there, we gained lots of ideas of how we could develop our bark area. On Tuesday they came to us to have lunch and then Miss Rundle and Mrs Kerslake took our school council and their school council on a joint beach clean. Miss Rundle commented on how well the children got on and how great it was tackling and discussing environmental issues together. We hope that we can build further links with the school in the future.