Spanish Lessons

Mr Housset is currently taking Cherry Tree Class for Spanish lessons once a fortnight and the children are loving it.  They are doing incredibly well, and Matthew even got chosen as the Wonder Worker this week because of his excellent Spanish work.  Redruth School are offering this to the school to get children excited about learning languages.  We have requested Spanish as it is the language the school has traditionally taught, however, this does not mean that the children of Portreath will automatically get to do Spanish if they attend Redruth School.  Learning languages is excellent for the brain and for learning in general, as well as a wonderful thing to do in itself.  We are hoping to incorporate more Spanish teaching across the school.  Teachers try to integrate it into every day tasks such as taking the register too.  Mrs Stevens leads on Spanish across the school and is currently looking at ways to develop it further.  We are also in talks with other schools about getting their teachers involved in supporting us further with our language work.