Plastic Free Committee Run an Unannounced Trash Mob Survey

It was pleasing to see that the amount of plastic thrown away was lower than when we first started our campaign.  On Tuesday there were 77 pieces of plastic rubbish whereas last year there were 104 pieces.  On Tuesday 29th January we will be running a boycott day and we would encourage everyone to avoid using any single use plastic in their lunch box.  Try reusable boxes or tubs, or a beeswax wrap.  Last April, as part of the campaign I committed to giving up using cling film.  I am delighted to say that I’ve not used any since; it is just about changing your habits.  Instead or buying cereal or chocolate bars for lunch I make or buy flapjacks or cake that I slice up-cheaper and better for the environment!

Crisp packets are still one of the most thrown away items, therefore, the plastic free committee are currently looking into recycling these at Upcycle at Portreath Retail Park.  We will have a special bin in school for them.  Thanks to Claire Rundle for running the Plastic Free Committee.