School Development

Each year the school creates a school development plan that is about how we plan to improve the school during the year.  It focuses on a few key priorities.  This is not to say the school is not working on other things too, but the priorities are the focus of training and monitoring.  The priorities in our School Development Plan are based on the following key evaluative work:

  • Our analysis of summative assessment data regarding the children’s attainment and progress
  • Discussions at our whole staff and governors twilight session in June and the inset day at the start of the year with all teachers and TAs
  • External views and recommendations from our SILC visits with the Crofty MAT
  • Parent views from questionnaires
  • Children’s views from pupil conferencing

Our Current Priorities are:

Priority 1 – Think carefully about what we teach and why we teach it

We will be continuing to develop our ‘Growing Strong Roots Curriculum’ so that it is an engaging, rich curriculum that works for mixed year groups, has sequential progression, deepens children’s knowledge and understanding and ignites their curiosity

Priority 2/3- – Developing how we teach, use the most effective strategies consistently across the school and see staff as learners and leaders

We know that the teaching is good at our school, but we still strive to continuously improve.  Every year one of our priorities is always to ensure that there is high quality teaching in every classroom so that all children make progress. As a school we feel everyone should always be learning, and this includes the staff.  We want to ensure that all staff are reflective practitioners who take responsibility for their own development and are given the support and opportunities they need.  Members of staff now have more responsibility for leading their subjects across the school.

Priority 4 – Giving extra and doing it differently for those who need it

We understand that different children need different things in order to learn.  Ensuring there is equity is very important. Some children might need extra support, this might be because they have additional learning, social or emotional needs, they might be classes as ‘pupil premium’ or something related to Covid-19 might have had a particularly negative impact on them.  Providing enrichment activities is a key element of this in order to build everyone’s cultural capital.  The priority is ensuring that all children are given the support they need to make good progress.

As well as creating a school development plan document and related action plans, we create a poster to capture what we are focusing on.  The poster attempts to capture what we are exploring and doing.  It acts as a prompt and starting point for discussion with staff about the priorities and it also acts as a visual reminder.  We like to share it with parents too, to give them an idea of our areas of focus for development.

Please find below the posters for previous years.  Hopefully this will demonstrate how we build on previous priorities.  It is not about starting fresh each year-it is a continuous journey of development.

Our previous priorities were: