Governance Statement

Our school is proud to be part of the Crofty Multi Academy Trust, the running of which is overseen by the board of trustees – chaired by Mr Mike Hosking.

The Trust Board is made up of volunteers, mainly people who have been school governors in the past but also including people with specific business or educational skills. They set the strategic direction for the Trust, hold the Trust to account for its outcomes for students and oversee the work of the Executive Officers.

Each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB) who have delegated responsibility for standards and outcomes in that school, its safeguarding and its relationships with external stakeholders, especially parents. The Chairs of LGBs are held to account by the Board for outcomes in those areas.

The LGB will use its detailed knowledge and engagement with stakeholders to ensure that their school is being well served by the executive leadership, and has direct access to the board if there are concerns.

The Local Governing Body of Portreath School are all volunteers who give up their time to represent the community and to help shape the direction and aims of the School.  For further information regarding the structure of the Crofty Multi Academy Trust, including details of trustees and members please use the Crofty MAT link under ‘Our school’ tab.

The Local Governing Bodies act as the eyes and ears of the Trust Board playing a crucial role in the governance of the trust. They are committees of the Trust Board that provide an independent view of each school, acting as “critical friends” to each school’s leadership. Local Governors are the public face of governance, promoting each school and celebrating their successes.

Our governors play a pivotal role in supporting the school. They are very much a voice for the school and its children, parents and community. They have a meeting every half term and then visit the school at least termly for meetings with staff and to spend time in classes.  There is a link below which sets out the terms of reference for the local governing body.  If you would like to contact our governors please email our Chair, Jess Cafe:

We are so grateful for all the governors do, they are volunteers who are committed to the school and give up a lot of their own time to help us.  Below is a list of governors and their key responsibilities:

  • Mrs Cassie Pamplin – Head
  • Miss Jessica Cafe – Chair of Governors, Parent Governor, Safeguarding and Well-being,  Whistleblowing, Website, English (Rowan Tree Class Governor)
  • Mrs Libby Ball –  Vice-Chair of Governors, Parent Governor, Maths, Curriculum, Science (Oak Tree Class Governor)
  • Mrs Elizabeth Gerrish – Community Governor, Pupil Premium, Attendance, EYFS, SEND (Maple Tree Class Governor)
  • Mr John Platts – Community Governor, PE, Sports Premium (Sycamore Tree Class Governor)
  • Miss Lucie Clarke – Staff Governor
  • Mr Graham May – Community Governor, Health and Safety (Cherry Tree Class Governor)

Membership of LGB September 2020

Portreath LGB Declarations of Interest 2020-21


Portreath Governor Attendance log 2019-2020

Portreath LGB Declarations of Interest 2019-20

Portreath Governor Attendance log 2018-2019