Let’s Celebrate Difference Week


This week has been ‘Celebrating Difference Week’ We wanted to empower the children to celebrate what makes them, and others unique. We want every child to feel valued and included in school and it is important that they feel able to be themselves without fear of bullying.

During the week the children explored bullying in assemblies and through class activities. We talked to the children about what bullying is (and isn’t) and what to do if they are being bullied or someone they know is. We discussed the impact bullying can have. We also explored friendship and what being a good friend means.

To launch our ’Let’s Celebrate Difference Week’ we invited the children to wear odd socks for the day with their uniform. It was to show that we are all different because we were wearing odd socks but we are all equal as we were wearing school uniform.   The children sported some wonderful socks!

Thanks to Mrs Allen, on Tuesday we had a special day linked to disability awareness and diversity with Cornwall College. The children got to meet students who took part in the Special Olympics and see their medals. They did a basketball demonstration and then the children took part in skills and short basketball games. The children were then introduced to the game of Boccia – the children got to have a go at standing up Boccia, sitting down Boccia and another skittle game. A blind student spoke to our children about losing his sight and showed the children a braille machine, that the children have been trying out. In fact they have included some messages in braille in the thank-you card that the school has sent to the students. They also undertook other activities designed to help them experience learning with barriers, they themselves don’t usually face. These included communicating without words and hearing impairment.