Jellyfish Assembly by Dr Hobson

This week we were lucky enough to have an assembly by marine biologist, Dr Hobson (Evie’s mum).  The children here at Portreath are so interested in wildlife and looking after animals, especially sea life,  and the environment.  Some of the children approached me earlier in the year wanting to find out more about jellyfish and raising money to help them.  They are hoping to set up an event/sale soon to raise money and I am sure all the children will be keen to support this, especially after finding out lots of interesting information about jellyfish.  I certainly learnt a lot, including jellyfish have been around a lot longer than dinosaurs.  I also learnt about how turtles mouths work in order to eat jellyfish and why if they start to swallow a plastic bag (because they think it is a jellyfish) they cannot then stop.  Thanks to Lily and Poppy who helped to demonstrate how the tentacles work. A fascinating assembly!