Cherry Tree Class

Cherry Class Welcome letter 2021-22

Please click on the blue link below for a Miss Clarke’s Welcome to Cherry Class 2020-2021 video:

Welcome to Cherry Class 2020-2021 


  • Class Teachers – Miss Lucie Clarke and Mrs S Wickett (on Fridays)
  • Teaching Assistant – Mrs Nicola Middleton

I hope that your child makes the most of their time in Cherry Tree Class and really enjoys the opportunities that will be on offer.

Don’t hesitate to come to see me if you need to, so that any problems can be sorted out quickly.

Individual parent consultations will take place just before the autumn half term with a longer consultation in the Spring Term.

Cycle B-Curriculum Leaflets 2021-2022:

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Autumn  2021

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Spring 1 2022

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Spring 2 2022

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Summer 1 2022


Cycle B 2021-2022- Knowledge Organisers:

Science Knowledge Organiser Cherry Autumn 1 Light 2021

Knowledge Organiser Cherry Trade and Economics Geography Autumn 2021

Knowledge Organiser Cherry Materials Spring 1 2022

Knowledge Organiser Cherry Maya Civilisation Spring 2022

Knowledge Organiser Cherry  Climate Change and Sustainability Summer 2022

Knowledge Organiser Cherry Space Summer 2022



Cycle A-Curriculum Leaflets 2020-2021:

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Autumn 2020

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Spring 2021

Curriculum Leaflet Cherry Summer 2021

Curriculum Leaflet  Cherry Summer 2 2021


Cycle A 2020-2021-Knowledge Organisers:

Science Knowledge Organiser Cherry Autumn Animals inc. humans 2020

Science Knowledge Organiser Cherry Autumn 2 Evolution and Inheritance 

Science Knowledge Organiser Cherry Spring 2021 Forces

Science  Knowledge Organiser Cherry Summer 2021 Living Things

Knowledge Organiser Mountains Autumn 2020

Knowledge Organiser WWII Battle of Britain Spring 2021

Knowledge Organiser Portreath Changes Through Time Summer 2021

Knowledge Organiser Science Living Things Summer 2021

Here are some photographs from our fantastic topic on World War I: