Oak Tree Class





  • Class Teacher – Miss F Baseley
  • Teaching Assistant – Miss J Hilton

We hope your child’s time in Oak Tree Class will be an interesting, enjoyable and productive one. The booklet below booklet is intended as a brief guide to show what we will be aiming towards during the year.

Please do not hesitate to come to see us if you need to, so that any problems can be sorted out quickly. Individual parent consultations will take place in October and in the Spring Term.

Welcome Letter Oak Class

Cycle B Curriculum Leaflets 2021-2022:

Oak Curriculum Leaflet  Autumn  2021 – Anglo Saxons

Oak Curriculum Leaflet Spring 2022-Indus Valley and Rivers


Cycle B 2021-2022- Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organiser Oak Anglo Saxon Autumn 1 2021

Knowledge Organiser Oak Vikings Autumn 2 2021

Science Knowledge Organiser Oak-Electricity Autumn 1 2021

Knowledge Organiser Oak-Indus Valley Spring

Science Knowledge Organiser Oak-Materials Spring

Knowledge Organiser Oak Rivers Spring

Cycle A Curriculum Leaflets 2020-2021:

Oak Curriculum Leaflet Autumn 2020 – Romans

Oak Curriculum Leaflet Spring 2021 Term 1 – Ancient Egypt

Oak Curriculum Leaflet Spring 2021 Term 2 – Modern Egypt

Oak Curriculum Leaflet Summer 2021 – Mountains

Cycle A 2020-2021 -Knowledge Organisers:

Science Knowledge Organiser Oak Autumn 1 2020

Science Knowledge Organiser Oak SOUND Autumn 2 2020

Knowledge Organiser Oak Romans Autumn

Science Knowledge Organiser Oak FORCES Spring

Knowledge Organiser Oak Egypt Spring

Knowledge Organiser Oak Mountains


Check out our video of famous painting recreations: Oak’s Portraits

Recommended Reading

Year 4- http://www.booksfortopics.com/year-4

Year 5 https://www.booksfortopics.com/year-5


Please make sure your child is reading at least four times per week.