Maple Tree Class


  • Class teacher- Mrs S Forsdick
  • Teaching Assistants – Mrs Goldsboro, Miss Rundle and Miss Bramley
  • Maple Tree Class has PE lessons twice a week and the days vary so please can you make sure their PE kits are in school every day.

We really hope that your child enjoys his/her time in Maple Tree Class. For the Reception child it is very important that the start to their education begins well and it will be the foundation for all that follows.

We take the greatest care to lay that foundation firmly. The emphasis is on practical activities through well planned play and recording of work is kept to a minimum. Such an approach is strongly recommended in the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage.

Year 1 is very much a continuation of the Reception year. The children will gain in confidence and master skills in all subject areas. The work becomes a little more structured but again, the emphasis is on practical activities.

Don’t hesitate to come in and see me if you feel a need. Any problem can be sorted out quickly if we talk about it.

Individual parent consultations will take place just before autumn half term, with a longer consultation in the Spring Term.

Maple Tree welcome booklet


Curriculum Leaflets:

Maple class curriculum leaflet Year 1 Autumn 1

Maple Class curriculum leaflet Reception Autumn 1st

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