Let’s Celebrate Difference Week


This week has been ‘Celebrating Difference Week’ We wanted to empower the children to celebrate what makes them, and others unique. We want every child to feel valued and included in school and it is important that they feel able to be themselves without fear of bullying.

During the week the children explored bullying in assemblies and through class activities. We talked to the children about what bullying is (and isn’t) and what to do if they are being bullied or someone they know is. We discussed the impact bullying can have. We also explored friendship and what being a good friend means.

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Looking After the Environment

Looking After the Environment

As a school we are currently trying to become more eco-friendly and are involved in the SAS campaign of ‘Plastic Free Schools’.  Class 5 are looking into ways to reduce our use of single use plastic.  A huge thank-you to Miss Rundle and Mrs Wickett for all their support with this.

Mrs Pamplin had a meeting with Karen from our catering company Chartwells this week.  She is enthusiastic about the work that we are doing and wants to support us.  She is hoping to provide juice in larger bottles that Dawn and Lisa can distribute in cups rather than the current throw away cartons with straws.  She is also looking in to using a recyclable box for when they provide packed lunches rather than clingfilm for sandwiches and throw away pots for the vegetables.  The milkshake cartons are proving trickier to replace but she is looking into it for us.

Former pupils, Rebecca and Kaj, from #love Portreath popped in to see Mrs Pamplin this week about the work they are doing in the village.  They are interested in the work that we are doing linked to the environment.  They are keen to work with us and hopefully can send some people in to lead workshops for the children.

Mrs Price’s  environmental after school club had their first session this week and went on a litter picking exercise.  We would love to receive any photographs of children doing beach cleans or litter picks in their own time ready for a display board.