This week the Year One and Year Two children were lucky enough to take part in cricket workshops run by All Stars Cricket. The afternoon started with an assembly and then the children got outside to develop their cricket skills.

Spacecraft has Landed!

This week Sycamore Class have had a fantastic time with some outdoor learning. They discovered a spaceship crash in the adventure playground and had to piece together the evidence. A huge thank you to Miss Rundle for organising this-she looked fab in her white safety overalls!

We have Fish!

Thanks to Mrs Forsdick, we now have a fish tank in the front reception area. The children are fascinated. After watching the empty tank for a few weeks they were delighted to arrive back after the holidays to discover fish.


Oak Tree Visit an Iron Age Hill Fort

Oak Tree went on a hike to visit an historic iron age hill fort. Thanks so much to Sara Clasper for organising this and to Mary of Nance Farm for letting us visit. I believe other people are welcome to visit as long as they contact Mary first for permission. Sara commented on how fantastic the children were and she did not hear anyone moaning on the three hour walk! The children learnt lots and it was great for them to out in nature.