Rugby World Cup

Today Mrs Doble launched our own Rugby World Cup competition. We had a sweepstake and each class selected teams that they will be supporting during the world cup. The winning class gets an extra PE lesson of their choice. There is also a huge poster on the wall which we are hoping to fill with the stickers from Aldi. As well as connecting to PE, it will support our geography work. Please see below for which countries each class has selected.

Jeans for Genes

Today we have enjoyed wearing Jeans for Genes. We had an assembly about how the money will be used to help support children with genetic conditions such as brittle bones, sickle cells anaemia and Treacher Collins syndrome. We watched a video about Star who has brittle bones. We learnt that 1 in 25 children are born with a genetic disorder. We raised £80 altogether, thank you for your donations.

As a school it is great that we support so many charities. Last term we did the Race for Life and I have just found that in total the Crofty MAT schools raised an incredible £10,750!


New clubs


The after school clubs started this week the children enjoyed taking part in the different clubs.  Let Mrs Jones know if your child is interested in joining one.  If your child receives pupil premium funding they may attend one club a week for free.

Road Safety

This week Maple Class have been learning about road safety. A very important topic at the moment for our school. As part of this they went out and about in the village to practise crossing roads safely. This was linked to the charity Brake who promote road safety. All the children received a certificate. Thanks to Mr Platts and Mr Whetter who accompanied the class on the walk.

Y5 Adventures

Year 5s have had a great time coming back together as a year group. They went to Pool Academy for ‘The Big Dig’ and had a surfing day with Global Boarders, They had a fantastic time at both. Miss Clarke went surfing with them and she said how impressed she was with all of the children. They demonstrated resilience and were very brave, with many managing to stand on a surf board for the very first time.